Bringing Value, Ingenuity & Practicality

With 15 years’ experience in industrial & commercial design for consumer fronted spaces, Anna Carosa has built upon a solid foundation of work and reputation. With great passion and pride, CREMORNE DESIGNED was born.

Since its launch, the boutique studio has transformed spaces predominantly around Cremorne Victoria in the corporate, hospitality, retail sectors and residential homes. The end goal is to create spaces that are both functional, unique & of course comfortable; not just pretty pictures for use on Instagram. Every choice is deliberate and takes into account the vision of the client.

No matter of the size or scope of the project, CREMORNE DESIGNED’S ultimate goal is to bring value, ingenuity and practicality to the project.

Our services range from consultation to full design projects and everything in between.

our Work

We have had the pleasure of working on many exciting projects from complete venue designs and fit outs through to smaller interior renovations. We give our ALL on every project.

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